When we have an inspiring vision to move towards we are compelled to take action towards that vision.  Your reason for action must be stronger than your excuses to sabotage your own leadership.

When we let go of who we are in the moment that we feel tempted to sabotage ourselves we become what we might be in our ideal vision. 

This is a powerful process that allows you to unpack what is no longer serving you and truly step into ACTION in an intentional and effective way in your own life.

This group of creatives and game-changers is carefully curated to ensure the process is personalised and productive for every member of the collective.

If you follow the formula, you can not help but create BIG POWERFUL shifts in your life.

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List any or all, this will help me identify what does and doesn't work for you.
Tired, Anxious, Stressed, Sad, Happy, Lethargic, Unmotivated, Busy, Chaotic, Emotional, Lacking Enthusiasm, Difficulty Sleeping, Pressured,,,
I am 100% committed to creating a new definition for wellbeing that aligns to me. I will take ownership of my own actions and I will commit to supporting others in theirs. I realise that getting real results will require me to step out of my comfort zone and may bring up some emotion to the surface, I am committed to allowing what comes up to clear and I am ready to shift my focus and I commit to my vision for my own health. I understand that while my coach is here to guide me through I am responsible for the results that I create.