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Strategic Self Leadership Consulting 

When life is busy and full of commitments to others our abilty to truly prioritise our self and feel connected to our own purpose each day can be compromised.

if you are someone who spends most of your time leading others when are you getting time to lead your self better?

When we live from a place of stress and overwhelm we can begin to become reactive and lose clarity and focus and even begin to drop a few of the balls we’re juggling.

What follows close behind is burn out and with mental health issues Rapidly becoming an epidemic in australia this is not something to leave untl too late.

how would it feel to move from a place of stress and barely getting through each day to living a life where you prioritise effectively, create more time to live and actually focus on bringing to life your own strategic vision as opposed to getting caught up in the problems of the day.

Have you ever wished you had someone behind you supporting you in your vision. NOt someone to tell you what to do but someone who can direct you back to the wisdom that is already within you and keep you accountable to following through?

DISCOVER HOW TO REDESIGN YOUR LIFE AND live in a way where life serves you rather than the other way around.

It’s not about being handed a guide book but rather you designing one that integrates into the context of your ideal life.


This process is broken down into key phases

Strategic Vision 

Getting clarity on what you actually want and a reality check on where you really are in your life. We can’t read the label from inside the bottle so this allows you to gain a whole new perspective on your life so that you can make strategic decisions rather than tactical choices in response to what others want you to do.

Life reFormatting

Understanding what isn’t working for you and identifying the options that you have not yet considered to allow your life to work more effectively for you. We can’t see what we can’t see. OUr blindspots in life are often where the solutions are so we will work through a number of processes that allow you to easily access your blindspots so that you can be empowered to make different choices.

Personal strategy Redesign

A process of working with your own beliefs and approaches to life to undo what’s not working and redo your life in way that is lead from who you want to be in each aspect of your life.

This process will allow you to redirect your life on a path that aligns with your overall strategic vision but also allows you to respond to the challenges and opportunities of life as they happen.

Process of transition - staying on path

Once we shift out of a place of stress and reactivity we free ourselves to be able to get clarity on what’s actually important and design our days, weeks, months in a way that integrates our overall vision into our life whilst living each day with a greater sense of awareness, purpose, personal integrity, discernment and choice. We are now able to learn how to manage stress more effectively and respond to life events with a new sense of ease.

Guidance and support is provided with tools that apply to our life as it is not as everyone elses is.

we can begin to do our life differently and implement a strategy in a way that integrates the realisation of our strategic vision with a new sense of ease.

Integration process

moving from an intellectual understanding of what will work for you to actually living a new life is a process. It is so easy for us to expect a lot of ourselves and having support to give us feedback and provide us with personalised tools to integrate new intellectual understanding into personal actions is key to long term change.

Consultations and key check points with support allows us to realise our goals whilst being well in ourselves and integrating work with rest with living in a way that serves our core values. e who are ready to make some big changes in all aspect of their life and there is  limited AVAILABility.

Find your way - There is more than one way to work

there is no one right way to work with a coaching process, it comes down to your individual needs and the method that is going to create the most effective results in your life right now.

3 in one day strategic immersion

8 Week Small Group Process - next intake may 2019

Solo Consultation - 6 month & 12 month

Book a complete luxe escape - bali - noosa.


Client feedback

Kelly has transformed my entire life. I now have a lot more awareness around what works and doesn’t work for me in my life. I take a step back more often and do so with purpose and tools that allow me to move from a reactive space to a place where I am responsive and more strategic in my approach to everything in my life.

not only do i now have more clarity on my overall direction, but I am more discerning in each decision i make. I just trust myself a lot more and make choices that are in alignment with the overall vision for my life rather than making choices that other people will like.

it’s been a powerful process and one I am so grateful came at a time when i really needed some additional support. i appreciate kelly’s authentic and direct approach, she doesn’t give me the answers but rather asks the questions that allow me to find the answer for myself.

anna - Sydney