Be the leading lady/man of your own life.  One day or day one you get to decide.  it all begins with a choice.  If you don't invest in yourself who will?  

Be the leading lady/man of your own life.  One day or day one you get to decide.  it all begins with a choice.  If you don't invest in yourself who will?  

Creating a life that you want is about working out why you are not living that right now, learning tools that will remove your blocks and consciously stepping into a new future that feels exciting and inspiring to you.

"Kelly Carthy is an extraordinary woman who embodies what it means to lead with integrity, joy and impact.  Her dedication to her mission is beyond inspiring, and her ability to be flexible in her leadership is something that is coveted in the leadership world."

- Alexi Panos Best Selling Author, Founder of the Emergent Wisdom Movement and The Bridge Method

Preston Smiles is an incredible representation of Loves Voice. Author of Love Louder, co-author of Now or Never and co-founder of The Bridge Experience. An incredible coach, teacher and mentor that I am so honoured to be connected with.


I've done a few online courses...I didn't expect the personal connections and the learning not just from Kelly but the amazing women in this group.  I can't rave enough.  When I started I was caught up in my own story, the change in myself and that others have observed is so wonderful. Thank you for this experience.
Tara - Noosa

Embodied self leadership -

lead an empowered life of purpose!

empowering you to take back control &  re-write the rulebook for YOUR own being.

Self Leadership is a way to lead your life in an empowered and joyful way where you feel a sense of purpose and clarity like never before.

8 Weeks to Feel Supported, become empowered and learn the tools to breakdown the blockages stopping you from stepping into your power.

keep reading If you are someone who:

  • has read all the books and it is still not working
  • feels stuck in the work of life and wants to break the cycle of stuckness
  • Is tired of being sold to and wants a tailored strategy
  • Is looking for a like-minded and uplifting community 
  • Wants to Awaken each day with purpose 
  • wants to feel good, look good and live happily ever after in your own skin
  • is looking for a deeper connection to your own life
  • Is driven to success in life and falls short when it comes to you
  • finds life gets in the way of focus on yourself
  • puts others priorities before yours (partner, children, parents, family dog)
  • feels responsible for many yet finds it hard to support yourself
  • is looking for support not another cookie cutter program
  • Ready to take ownership of your health 
  • Willing to break through old patterns & be more effective in your life

My 8 Week intuitive self-leadership Program. 

Move from a place where the world is happening to you to a place where you move through your days with clarity and intention taking  full ownership of who you are being each day. 

You get to make choices that empower you and support you.  rewrite the stories stories that are currently limiting your  relationships, career and business success, your bank balance and how you treat yourself and design a personalised approach to lead your life forward. 

Together we will cut to the core of self sabotage and ineffective behaviors and create a path to a life that feels in flow and aligned with who you really are.  

"kelly has been such a light in my life, mentoring and supporting me to take charge in all areas of my wellbeing including nutrition, my fitness, meditation and big lifestyle transitions. Her support and guidance has allowed me to listen to my inner compass and have faith in my own ability to nurture and support myself."

- Melissa Port Douglas

As a passionate Health Professional and entrepreneur with 2 decades of experience in and countless examples of people living in limited potential due to the stories they hold about themselves I am committed to shifting the perception of self development into a place where we get to take true ownership of how we are being in our lives.

Live a life that serves you and other in the most powerful way possible. 

The issue was from what I observed was that they were outsourcing different aspects of their wellbeing to a list of different professionals that all required time and money. In solution to this problem and offering women who already feel like they are being pulled in 10 different directions a resolve, I created a holistic and actionable program that can be tailored to fit into your daily routine.

I'm so grateful to you Kelly for supporting me throughout this program.  I've witnessed so many shifts in different areas of my life including how to love and take care of myself truly,  growth as a yoga teacher and openness in my relationships.  I've loved this journey along side these other amazing women, witnessing the reoccurring themes that are present in all of our lives.  I feel like the seeds have been planted, not to keep nourishing them and allowing the magic in. 
- Claudia - Noosa Yoga


During the 8-Week Program we dive into all aspects of your life and untangle where there are limits so that you can be free to move into a whole new place of owning your potential and living a life that feels empowered and free!

This experience has been truly incredible, shifting me from an unaware place and really looking within and owning my choices and realising the impact it has on me and others.  Kelly you have inspired me and served a real sense of community.  Feeling empowered and I have so much to look forward to. 
Emma H - Noosa

I understand the frustration of throwing your time and money into programs and products that have not worked.  It is time to invest in one that does and really honour yourself to go beyond your

The 8-Week Program includes:

  • 4 Personal Coaching Sessions 
  • Personal group support
  • Weekly Calls (scheduled at an off-peak time)
  • Small Group Coaching Calls
  • Amplify your intuitive self
  • personalised tools to Remove your blocks and take action
  • Connect with a self-driven community of people just like you
  • Manageable Actions for a busy life 

Due to the personalised aspect of this program places will be strictly limited and this reduced rate will be for one time only so don’t be the one to miss out.

Should you require any additional support I am no more than a call or email away; and I am dedicated to making these next 8 Weeks of your life some of the most transformational.  

"i have loved learning from kelly as a fitness professional as i really connect with her genuine intention to openly share her passion and wisdom with such authenticity and love.  I am excited to stretch myself again in this 8 week program and continue to deepen my own knowledge and understanding of my own wellbeing."
- Alessandra Massi Personal Trainer Noosa

So, are you ready to 100% commit to yourself and become the person you’ve always known you could be?

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