Welcoming you with an open heart...


My name is Kelly Carthy, I am founder of Luxe Escapes noosa, a qualified and experienced wellbeing coach and fitness professional, and this year after many years of holding back and holding a lot of information behind the scenes whilst i was getting ready to beready. 

I have made the transition to honoring my true calling and combining my 20 years of learning in personal development and wellbeing into an integrative coaching method that transitions people from the side-lines of their life to honoring that powerful voice of wisdom that comes from within. 

I do this through one-to-one coaching, intimate group programs, speaking and facilitating events, tailored retreats and supporting my growing community of courageous and conscious leaders. 

I Inspire and empower people to embody a life that seeks growth and expansion where we get to honor our own inner voice and the intuitive parts of us that get shut down by the stories and beliefs we have held onto for too long. 

I am genuinely passionate about MAKING a  purposeful and life-shifting and positive impact in your life.   

I am so grateful that you have taken the first step in making a shift. 

here is my authentic truth....

My break down

Only a year ago, from the outside my life was picture perfect, i had a beautiful family, a vibrant, healthy son and was living in paradise only minutes from the beach the perfect location to build a successful luxury wellbeing brand.  I was working hard, doing all of the right things and juggling my life in all directions to "create my dream."

Inside i was crumbling, my marriage was failing miserably and i was close to suicide caught in the "do" and feeling powerless to what else i could do to make my business thrive.  i created space for people to push me around and as a solo entrepreneur with a three year old and at the time a husband who had experienced illness,  I had every reason and excuse for why my life was not feeling the way i wanted it to feel.  I was pointing the finger everywhere and feeling more and more powerless in my life. 

I hit rock bottom when I realised how far from myself i had moved, how little joy i felt about my business that had once been my dream and vision and how stuck in denial i was that i was the one that got to change. 

the exact purpose for my creation of Luxe escapes - to create a tailored escape that gives people the space to get back to being in their joy and remembering their purpose through experiential learning was feeling like a falacy, i needed that escape for myself. 

I was holding space for everyone but myself and being as committed as i always have been to never giving up i needed to shift gears and focus fast...

I had the stark realisation that I was hiding behind my business, spending more time working on the business than working on myself and harder on myself that i had ever been in my life which was quickly escalating my own self destruction and i could just feel one problem stacked upon the other with no support or solution in sight. 

Here i was wanting to support others and prevent them from burn out and none of the tools were working on me.

I was looking for answers everywhere, i had all the knowledge but whilst i was living in the space of a victim and denying any trust in myself i would remain stuck.   I had learnt to numb that inner intuitive wisdom so much by believing that I was not worthy of even my own business that i almost lost everything.

Surrender to a new way

When we are down on our knees and there is no where to go, just sometimes that spark within our heart whispers ...

"there is another way, and to get there you're going to have to let go of everything you've known to be the way" 

My answer?  - "what have i got to lose, it's time to let go."

"it was time to let go of the business plan and shift the focus onto the plan of me!"

The guilt that came with this was insurmountable and i experienced many moments of feeling i was being selfish in investing in myself. 

The scariest and most empowering decision we can make is to look in the mirror and to choose love and if you have years of a critiquing that being this is not an instant realisation, it is a process, or it was for me, a process of removing all of the reasons, decisions, choices, excuses and stories i had created up until now that was limiting my life. 

What it allowed me to see though is that my story is universal, there are too many people striving in the hustle and getting caught up in the "do" of life.

when we are caught in the busy-ness of this collective strive we forget that we have a choice.

life doesn't have to feel like a chore, like a never ending reach for the next pay rise, promotion, relationship, bigger house, newer car.  It can feel good just where you are in the moment if you choose to let go of all the stories that are telling you why it can't. 

You have the power to call in literally whatever you desire given that you can believe it is already available to you. 

The commitment to stripping off all that was stopping me from "being" has not only uncovered my intuitive wisdom it has shown me all the ways in which it is hidden within me. 

The year that i had to have has revealed all of the tools that had remained untapped so that i could share them with you. 

I chose to reveal the real me by learning how to listen deeply to my intuition and follow it no matter where the path lead me, to invest more into myself than i have in my life and to commit to facing off with anything that was keeping me living a limited existence.  

the pay off

by letting go of all that had held me playing "safe" and by coaching through my expansion i have and then from beginning to finally share my truest tools of inner wisdom and empowerment i have gained so much:

  • designed my business to fit my lifestyle 
  • created more space for my family and "being" in my joy
  • feel free and expansive in the life that i get to create
  • serve in a far more powerful way than ever before that "embodies" the wisdom
  • found a new path to self love that involves ownership and truth
  • uncovered a stronger sense of purpose and self value 
  • surrounded myself with mentors, coaches and people that are doing crazy brilliant things with their lives
  • seen return on my investments rather than sinking it into a hole
  • travelled solo and spent time with those that allowed me to deepen my purpose
  • won the biggest contracts since launching my business
  • set the foundations for international expansion for luxe
  • seen the ripple effect this method has created in the lives of those i now work with

i hope that in revealing my path towards "true embodiment of my own intuitive wisdom and self leadership" inspires you to take the short cut that i have now created through my learning.  bridging the gap between what was a great method to what i know through experience is the ultimate way to master your own wisdom. 

If you are ready to surrender the old disempowering stories and design a life that feels like your own, one that doesn't have a cap on it and isn't stuck in the old rule books of success i invite you to connect for a Free 30 minute call to explore your own edge.


Leaning in requires those who are willing to share with you the truth of who you are being and more importantly who you are capable of being. 


I could not have created this incredible path if it weren't for my powerful connections.  Short list thank yous - sam & otis, Adam roa, azrya cohen, Alexi Panos, Preston smiles,  joel brown, chris brinkley, michael kennedy, claudia forward, bobby-lee wadsworth, shaun li, christie allison, johnelle hosking, kate chiffety grey, jo vercoe, nikita davis, dianne chambers, laura carpenter, mary giang, emily gallagher.