5 Ways to Start 2017 empowered in your wellbeing.

Self Love

What do I love about my body?  What do I need support with?  How can I change my story to support and love myself more?

We spend a lot of our time in self-critical thinking.  When was the last time you paid yourself a compliment?  Maybe this year it's time to flip the critique into a cheerleader.  Notice your self critique and kindly let it know where to find 2016. 


How do I stay active now?  What is my stickability point?  Where are my results lacking?  Where can I get support?

  • New Exercise Gear
  • New Exercise Style
  • Acknowledge what's is not your jam
  • Find your FUN style
  • What's are you going to do differently next year?


Where is your energy at?  Are you happy with your eating plan?  Do you feel stressed about getting nutrition right?  What support do you need to make a real shift in your ultimate nutrition. Do you need to cleanse?


Is this something that you do in your life?  How do you switch off?  Are you able to commit to a program or routine?  Where are the pockets of your day where meditation might begin to play a role?

  • In a queue 
  • Waiting for your coffee
  • Commuting to and from work
  • Walking your dog
  • On a run


How are you contributing to something greater than yourself and connecting with a community of like-minded people.  It could be taking up a hobby or simply joining a social media group of people who are in a similar industry or play similar sports to you.  Contributing to a community whatever its size creates a sense of belonging and allows us to move beyond the walls that we tend to build around ourselves when we are busy and stressed. Find a cause that you truly believe in and donate even 3% of your time to that this year.  Watch as over the next year that 3% of your time or money becomes something more meaningful than you ever thought possible. 

Creating powerful methods and strategies for you to be able to fit wellbeing into your life means that you are more likely to create a wellbeing plan that has stickability and isn't thrown out like that ab roller from 1994.