Create More Space for Presence in your Life

Creating Space in your Day

Most of us have lives where we are juggling several roles at once and if you’re like me it can be a challenge to flow smoothly from work mode to parent mode to creating space for myself mode.  There are days where it all just gets meshed together and it is those days where I feel like I am failing at ALL the roles in my life. 

I used to feel this way a lot before I introduced a method called Third Space into my life.  Third Space is literally as it sounds, creating a space in your day that slots in between the various parts of your life. 

At first glance it would seem ridiculous to ADD something more into ones day but what this additional space does is create a pause between the different roles that you play in your life to switch gears and be absolutely present. 

For example 

I might be on a call for work as I am walking home.  I used to get glares from my husband for being on the phone which would make me lose track of my conversation on the phone making the person on that call feel like I wasn’t really listening to them and leaving me feel guilty about failing both as a wife and a attentive business person. 

I now take the call outside, away from the house.  Complete with that call and then stand in my THIRD SPACE for less than a minute to re-focus my attention on me, reconnect with my breath and then clear my energy so that when I walk into my house I can embrace my son and my husband to really be there for them.

The same goes when I am moving from one client to the next or when I am finishing a workout of my own and then training a client.  

This small gap between the various roles in my life allows me to complete whatever it is that I need to complete and be fully present in my next part of my day. 


  1.   Complete what you were doing
  2.   Note any follow up actions that need to be taken
  3.   Pause and breathe and reconnect with yourself *
  4.   Acknowledge the next part of your day
  5.   Move into that part of your day with grace and presence

* Feel the ground under your feet or notice the temperature of your breath as it enters you nostrils or the feel sensation of your heart beating in your chest.

Try this out in your own life and send me an email to let me know how this works for you. 

Image Capture thanks to the wonderful Rebecca Colefax Insta: @rebeccacolefax