4 Steps to Finding True Love this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day for those who are in love and happy in their relationship but for others it can be a simple reminder that they’re not.  



Why does Valentine’s Day have to be a spent waiting for someone else to make a move?

What about Me?

When was the last time you gave yourself a compliment, when was the last time you took yourself out to lunch or treated yourself to a spa booking, bought flowers for yourself or wrote yourself a beautiful card?

Sounds desperate and corny right?  How do you expect someone else to come along and love you if you continue to find fault and reason not to love yourself?

Love is something that we are all deserving of and can have any time we choose.  When we continue to search outside of ourselves we will continue to feel frustrated and helpless. When we are in a great relationship with ourselves we are far more likely to find our ideal partner and when they do come along we are ready to share our love for ourselves with them in equal partnership.

Be YOUR own Valentine First

So this Valentine’s Day start with the most important person in your world.  Write yourself a card, buy yourself a gift and treat yourself to a beautiful day fuelled by love.   Irrespective of the your feeling towards Valentine's Day.  What would happen if you took this one day each year to remind yourself to gift to yourself first?

SHARE Love selflessly

If you want to add even more love make an effort to share your love with two other wonderful people in your life.  It could be a friend who you know could use a bit of a pick up or a parent who may have lost their partner in life.  When we give love we receive it back ten-fold and if you don’t believe me I dare you to try it out.

Write a Valentine's Card for someone you admire in your life and why you are grateful for them. Write without any intention of a response, simply send love.  You never really know where this may lead, don't think about that, just write with intention to brighten someone's day. 

Be DARING and forgiving

If you want a real Valentine’s challenge, write a card to someone who you have fallen out with in the past, send them nothing but love and kindness and write down all the lessons in life that they have blessed you with. You don't have to send this card unless you choose to but just writing it out and releasing any past tensions should give you a gift.


And finally if you are single and have already completed all of the above.  Write a letter to your future partner, thanking them for all the beautiful traits that they hold, all the characteristics that you love about them and then… get a mirror out and work out which of these traits you need to work on giving back to yourself.

This is a powerful manifestation exercise so be sure to write down EXACTLY what you want. You are far more powerful than you could ever believe and if you are really challenged by the concept of finding love for yourself some coaching and action in this area could be exactly what you need to begin the ripple effect into all other parts of your life.

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