Before my work with Kelly I felt stressed and overwhelmed with quantity of work and projects I had on my plate. Although I was achieving all my goals, I felt as though I my time, energy and effort was scattered and that I was being pulled in a million different directions in my life.

The challenge I was facing was how to manage my time in a way that served me. Rather than being a slave to my many calendars and to do lists.

 As a successful business owner, the one thing that I didn’t have was SPACE. Space to think, reflect and just be my best self. Every moment of my day was filled with activity from the moment I woke, to the moment I fell into bed.

 The biggest frustration I was experiencing was general exhaustion, all the time! I would fall into bed at the end of the day feeling like I had nothing left. I had given my all to everyone around me, and the tank was truly empty when I got to the end of the day.

 Kelly empowered me to operate differently. This journey was transformational for me. She helped me to reassess my time, and ensure that I mentally assigned value to the activities that helped me to BE different. We worked together to create space in my day, enable greater focus in my schedule and ensure I was operating in the most optimal way. Small changes, like planning my day to minimise the number of projects I worked on in one day and allowing 30 minute breaks between meetings, helped me to reduce my stress levels dramatically.

 After the 6 month self leadership program I felt like I was in control of designing the life I wanted to lead. I now have the ability to not only manage my stress, but ensure I value the time that I assign to the things that are important to me. Kelly helped me in so many ways, it is hard to list them all. What I can say, is that she transformed the way I ran my life and my business. I now have more time, less stress and still have a successful business! I look forward to January where I will go on my first Luxe Escape to plan the strategy for 2020.

 Thanks Kelly, you are a miracle worker!